Just Alaina

Follow the professional dealings of Washington DC-based teen model / actress Alaina.      

About Alaina

At a very young age, Alaina displayed a knack for entertaining. Throughout her elementary and middle school years her passion for modeling, dancing, and acting increased. As she developed in each area her natural talent became evident and she dedicated more of her time and interest to jump starting her professional career. Alaina participates on the Emaje Modeling team at her high school. This has provided her with an abundance of opportunities to enhance her skills of dancing, acting and modeling. She also has an acting and modeling coach that she meets with each week to perfect her craft. Alaina is equally passionate about both, and plans to go to college for acting in 2019.

Series Credits

Executive Producer/Director - Anthony Tilghman
Producer/Camera - Dana Miller
Editor/Post Production - Chuck Holliday

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Produced by Anthony Tilghman
Co-Produced by Dana Miller

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Alaina walks for Frucel Fashions during Indie Fashion Week DC. (Season 4, Episode 16)
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Co-Produced by Dana Miller

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