Day in the Lyfe of Chryst

Reality series starring NYC based Rapper/Actor Chryst Young.

Series Credits

Executive Producer: Chuck Holliday
Associate Executive Producer: Chryst Young
Producer/Art Direction/Sound: Chuck Holliday

Guest Appearances

Lawrence Henderson of Viva La Brooklyn/Brooklyn or Bust (Apparel Designer) (Season 3)
Shawna aka BK Fit Chick (Fitness Trainer) (Season 3)
MikeLyrik (Singer) (Season 3)
Ryo the Crook (Producer/Engineer) (Season 3)
Naeem (Tattoo Artist) (Season 3)
Marc Christopher (Apparel Designer) (Season 3)
Kasmo Huxtable aka KasFacts (Media Personality / TV Producer) (Season 3)
Chia Minaya (TV Producer & Director) (Season 3)
Ema’Jin B aka Em (Creative/Image Consultant) (Season 2)
Que (Actor) (Season 1-2)
Kashief (Video Director) (Season 2)
Sadiki of Unorthodox Clothing (Apparel Designer) (Season 2-3)
Madame Mezzy (Friend, Rapper/Songwriter) (Season 1)
Julito McCullum (Friend, Actor) (Season 1)
Robbie Nova (Friend, Songwriter/Singer) (Season 1)
Hassan Johnson (Friend, Actor) (Season 1)
Renee Thompson (Model / TV Personality) (Season 1)


February 2012-July 2015

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