Sips & Tips

Join JSW Media Group Chief Publicist Jameka Whitten and JSW Senior Business Consultant Keith Cradle for quick business & branding tips every Friday.

Sips and Tips – Securing the Bag

Jameka and Keith are joined by financial specialist Marsha Barnes of The Finance Bar, who discusses why it’s important to get the best...

Sips and Tips – Time is Money

Jameka and Keith explain why procrastination has a more negative effect on the bottom line more than you realize. (Season 2, Episode 6)

Sips and Tips – Strength in Numbers

Jameka and Keith break down why understanding your strengths and weaknesses is beneficial to the success of any business or organization. (Season 2...

Sips and Tips – Plan of Attack

Jameka and Keith explain the science behind building a campaign and marketing plan for non-profit organizations both in the short and long term...

Sips and Tips – Mass Appeal

Jameka and Keith break down the strategy behind brand recognition and prepping for event sponsorship packages. (Season 2, Episode 2)