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A social commentary podcast featuring guests in Cultural Arts discussing topics along with their favorite drink of choice.

Crafted With Cradle – Rubie Britt Height

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Rubie Britt-Height, Director of Community Relations with the Mint Museum to discuss her upbringing, how museums can expand the field of engagement and why developing community relationships are so important. (Season 3, Episode 2)

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Crafted With Cradle – Joanne Rogers

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with JoAnne Rogers of the Palette Table to discuss non traditional gatherings, being a married duo in Charlotte art and their new studio in...

Crafted With Cradle – Bree Stallings

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Bree Stallings, multi-media artist, illustrator, writer and activist, to chat about art in a growing city, mural love and how growing up...