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Just Alaina – Christmas is Here

Alaina and friends get together for a Christmas inspired dance troop and video. Makeup Artist/Creative Director: @slaybysaucemonet Photographer:...

Just Alaina – Flawless

Alaina gets glammed up for an over the top fun photo shoot campaign. (Season 9, Episode 7) MUA: Terazia Jones @slayedbysauceymonet Produced by...

Just Alaina – Mob…Seen, Pt 1

Alaina and others participate in a flash mob throughout the city streets. (Season 9, Episode 3) Produced by Anthony Tilghman Co-Produced by Dana...

Crafted With Cradle – Matt Cosper

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Matt Cosper to talk about immersive art, the ability to capture new audiences and Charlotte’s new take on...

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