Crafted With Cradle

Crafted with Cradle is a new podcast and video simulcast that blends two incredible things together — Conversation + Cocktails. Each episode, CWC host Dr. Keith Cradle, will engage with some of Charlotte’s finest residents to discuss popular issues over their favorite crafted cocktails and noteworthy dialogue all while keeping the discussion fun, entertaining and upbeat. Curated conversation over cocktails. Crafted with Cradle. What’s not to love?

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Series Credits

Executive Producer - Keith Cradle, Ph.D
Producers - Andy Goh, Chuck Holliday, Jameka Whitten
Theme music: - “I wanna have you” by Jason Jet (

Recent Crafted With Cradle Episodes

Crafted With Cradle – No Grease Barbershops Inc

Dr. Keith Cradle chats with Damian and Jermaine Johnson, owners of No Grease Barbershops, Inc. For more than 20 years, the Johnson brothers’ influence has been spread throughout Charlotte; they have made a significant mark on the city with their shops and entrepreneurial efforts. Hear all...

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